The content for your projection mapping is everything. It’s the core of what your message is and how it’s shared with the world. The best projectors in the world are only amazing tools for showcasing content – so how do you think about content in the way that’s most productive and effective for telling your story?

Have Your End Vision in Mind (from the start!)

It’s always best to have a clear direction of where a project is going. But we’re not talking about pre-production like storyboards or scripts – we’re talking about a holistic understanding of the end goal.

Who is the audience we’re speaking to? Are we telling a story, selling a product, or informing an audience? Is this a group that will be impressed with cutting-edge animation, or are they looking for well-reinforced company branding? There are different approaches that you should take for each. Knowing that end vision from the start means that all decisions are tailored in advance to the pursuit of that end objective.

Create Your Wow Moments

There are certain effects that work better for projection mapping than others – and we at CPM know what those effects are. If you want to have the big moments that wow your crowd, using top-tier mapping effects get the best value. As we can build with the audience’s visual perspective in mind, we can create these effects with maximum impact for your event. Make sure every piece has at least one truly creative moment designed to awe and inspire.

More Leadtime is Always Better

There’s always a better possibility for more imagination with more lead-time. For the average project, three months is what consider an ideal minimum timeframe for a project. This gives our animators the time to really get in-depth with creating their content, and give our clients the flexibility to guide and tweak the content as we create it. Cut that to two months, and revisions get more challenging to execute within the time remaining. Less than six weeks puts the project in a tough position, and every day of animation will need to be used carefully.

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