Big Ideas for Projection Mapping Surfaces

Bigger is better, especially when it comes to projection mapping. But what precisely do we mean when we say big? We’re talking bold concepts on an enormous scale – and a central part of making those mapping concepts real is making smart decisions about the surface we project onto. Here’s a few big ideas for you to make your mapping a massive hit! […]

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Disruption Functions of Projection Mapping

Disruption is a popular buzzword – it doesn’t just mean the way industries are changing, but also the way that people think about their “disrupted” environment. Projection mapping is a cutting-edge medium, but it is also a disruptive medium. As projection mapping uses physical objects instead of just screens, the illusion and magic of the medium allows you the ability to disrupt their perception of the world around them. So what can you do with projection mapping to change your audience’s perspective? […]

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