Disruption is a popular buzzword – it doesn’t just mean the way industries are changing, but also the way that people think about their “disrupted” environment. Projection mapping is a cutting-edge medium, but it is also a disruptive medium. As projection mapping uses physical objects instead of just screens, the illusion and magic of the medium allows you the ability to disrupt their perception of the world around them. So what can you do with projection mapping to change your audience’s perspective?

Powerful Storytelling

When you have a story that is worth telling, tell that story in a creative fashion! Projection mapping lets you break away from the page, the screen, and the phone. Tell stories across a number of surfaces. Use the power of large-scale mapping to tell the story across dozens or building fronts, or use it on a small scale to create an intimate tale.

Show What’s Inside

The physical cross-section is an effective way of displaying the contents of a device or vehicle. However, it’s challenging to isolate and identify all of those elements with conventional animation. With projection mapping, you could create a cross section of the physical object, and spread those elements out to draw information and highlight them. Use the 3D capabilities of the medium to their fullest!

Cause and Effect

Through interactive mapping connections, we can showcase logical progression of thought visually. Though the use of interactive controls or triggers, you can use control and agency as a storytelling technique – creating a connection between their actions and the impact it causes when shown in the mapping. It’s one thing to think of you contribution as a drop in a bucket, but it’s another thing entirely to see how a single act can cause change on a massive scale, especially for social awareness and fundraising events.

The Power of What’s Real

One of the bigger aspects of projection mapping right now is that it’s real. Unlike the buzzed-about demos of the Microsoft Hololens or Magic Leap, projection mapping is capable of genuine 3D effects in real life – no silly glasses or unrealistic vaporware required. Projection mapping is ready, today, right now, to create effects that most people don’t even realize are possible.

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