Bigger is better, especially when it comes to projection mapping. But what precisely do we mean when we say big? We’re talking bold concepts on an enormous scale – and a central part of making those mapping concepts real is making smart decisions about the surface we project onto. Here’s a few big ideas for you to make your mapping a massive hit!

Big Staging

As the obvious option for large productions and events, custom staging is also the most ideal choice for projection mapping. When you have an interior environment, you can design to your liking, at any scale. The control afforded with this in mind is incredible – you don’t have to be held to a flat scrim or screen, or be stuck with one-color uprights for your whole event. Creative staging adds production value and makes your audience feel special and valued. So decide what your industry or message is, and design a stage that reflects that vision.

Interior Design

Oftentimes in ballrooms and lobbies, there are dozens of architectural features that would be perfect for mapping, but are rarely considered as obvious picks by planners. Remember, projection mapping looks best on a clean white surface, and any time we can use a surface that meets those ideal parameters, we can save money on more complex surface treatments.

With this in mind, you can create large-scale mapping to create multiple environments and sensations for your attendees. You could create a look that would serve as a welcoming look as attendees arrive to your ballroom, a second atmospheric look during a keynote speech, and another that would create the “yellow brick road” leading you to the after-party.

Building Domination

If your event is the talk of the town, however, why not literally become part of the town? When your project or announcement is grand and fantastic, scale and buzz matter, and that’s when projection mapping shines at its best. With the right building, projection mapping can serve as an infinite canvas for your message or story – ultra-bright projectors can create mapping imagery over ten stories tall. Can you imagine the visibility? The number of cell phones out to video the display? Tie it in your mapping with an event-driven #hashtag thirty feet tall, and watch the social media buzz build.

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