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The Buzz

If you’ve heard any of the following buzzwords in recent months…

  • 3D or 4D Mapping
  • Video Mapping
  • Live Event Animations
  • Magical Projection Display
  • Live Event 3D Production

Or if you’ve heard your CEO demand, “We need that beautiful 3D video setup that I saw in Vegas!”…

…then you’re a part of the industry-wide excitement over the projection mapping revolution in event audio/visual.


Chicago Projection Mapping’s team is skilled in all aspects of the projection mapping process, with competencies including;

  • 3D and 4D Projection Mapping Design
  • Temporary and Permanent Installation
  • Consultation on All Aspects of Mapping Process
  • Show Design and Integration
  • Pre-Visualization, Including Storyboards and Renderings
  • In-House 2D and 3D Animation Team
  • Custom Interactive Design Capabilities
  • Asset Reconfiguration for Brand Consistency
  • Integration with All Major Video and Media Formats
  • Custom Media Servers for Flawless Operation
  • Experience with All Standard Mapping Hardware and Software
  • Partnerships with Regional and National Hardware Vendors
  • On-Site Setup, Mapping, and Event Operation
  • Remote Access and Operation for Permanent Installations

Our Services

Chicago Projection Mapping is Chicagoland’s premiere mapping team. We’re an experienced team of event specialists, devoted to bringing the incredible effects of 3D Projection Mapping to your live events, trade shows, corporate seminars, and more. We’ve been involved in the corporate live event arena for years, and we have a great working relationship with the hotels and meeting spaces of the Chicagoland area.

At the heart of this operation is the mapping and content creation.

Projection Mapping isn’t outside of your event budget. Our team manages to bring the incredible 3D effects that had previously only been available to top tier events, to any size event, large or small.

Our team at Chicago Projection Mapping wants to match your needs. If you’re looking to design a custom solution for your event, we’re your creative consultants. Or, if you’re looking to keep yourself to a budget, we have a number of premade “stage packages” available to efficiently integrate ourselves to any existing event or stage plot.
Chicago Projection Mapping are also your content creation specialists. Media creation is and remains one of our specialties, and it allows us to handle even the most complex stage effects in-house. But what if you’re looking to augment your presentation with additional videos or media? To see a full range of video and media examples, visit us at Absolute Vision Productions.
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